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 Welcome to the Pangolin Wiki.  Welcome to the Pangolin Wiki. 
-If you are new to LaserShow Designer BEYOND and not familiar with LaserShow Designer QuickShow, we advice you to first watch all the [[quickshow:video|QuickShow tutorial video's]] that you can find. The [[quickshow:video|QuickShow tutorial video's]] cover the base functionality that you will find in BEYOND.+If you are new to **LaserShow Designer BEYOND** and not familiar with **LaserShow Designer QuickShow**, we advise you to first watch all the **[[quickshow:video|QuickShow tutorial videos]]** that you can find. The **[[quickshow:video|QuickShow tutorial videos]]** cover the base functionality that you will find in **BEYOND**.
-{{ :wiki:quickshow-header.png?nolink |}} +[[/quickshow:start|{{:wiki:quickshow-header.png?}}]]
-  * [[quickshow:|User Manual]]\\ +
-  * [[quickshow:video|Tutorial Videos]]\\ +
-  * [[|Downloads]]+
 +  * [[quickshow:|User Manual]]
 +  * [[quickshow:video|Tutorial Videos]]
 +  * [[|Downloads]]
-{{ :wiki:beyond-header.png?nolink |}}+[[/beyond:start|{{:wiki:beyond-header.png}}]]
-  * [[beyond:|User Manual]]\\ +  * [[beyond:|User Manual]] 
-  * [[beyond:video|Tutorial Videos]]\\ +  * [[beyond:video|Tutorial Videos]] 
-  * [[|Downloads]]\\+  * [[beyond:quickhints|Quick Hint videos]] 
 +  * [[|Downloads]]
-{{ :wiki:hardware-header.png?nolink |}}+ {{:wiki:hardware-header.png?nolink|}}
   * [[hardware:fb4|FB4]]\\   * [[hardware:fb4|FB4]]\\
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