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 +====== Live Control tab - Master and Cue controls ======
 +The Live Control tab can be used to control the geometric properties of all cues simultaneously, or only the geometric properties for the selected cue. This depends on whether the Master or Cue button is pressed as explained below.
 +**Live Controls only affect the cues, not QuickTools**
 +Note that the Live Controls will only affect the size, position, rotation, color, brightness, etc. of the cues. The Live Controls do not affect the QuickTools at all.
 +**Master and Cue buttons are only visible in Advanced mode**
 +Note that the Master and Cue buttons are only visible when you have the user interface set to Advanced mode. These buttons do not appear if you are in Intermediate or Beginner mode. (However, most of the cue-related controls can be accessed by using [[quickshow:controlling_cues_during_playback|Live Performance]] tools within each cue.)
 +See Also
 +  * [[quickshow:size_controls|Live Control tab - Size controls]] 
 +  * [[quickshow:position_and_rotation_controls|Live Control tab - Position and Rotation controls]] 
 +  * [[quickshow:color_controls|Live Control tab - Color controls]] 
 +  * [[quickshow:playback_controls|Live Control tab - Playback controls]]
 +  * [[quickshow:controlling_cues_during_playback|Controlling cues during playback]]
 +[[quickshow:|Return to Index]]