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Version 5.60

Continued work on supporting Flash files and improving the conversion process.

Version 5.00

Made a few internal changes related to how the program looks for objects within a FLASH file. The change should improve LC-Flash's compatibility with some of the FLASH files out there in the public domain.

Added information into the help file about exporting files from Adobe FLASH version 8. Files exported in version 8 tend to include “action scripts” which are not compatible with LC-Flash at this time. When using FLASH version 8, we recommend that you export into a format that is compatible with Flash version 6. This is available in Adobe FLASH export settings.

Other minor changes and improvements.

Version 4.50

Made changes for compatibility with Windows VISTA operating system.

Lasershow Converter FLASH is now free for use with the PRO and BASIC versions of LD2000. If you have LD2000 Intro and you would like to use Lasershow Converter FLASH, please contact Pangolin or a Pangolin dealer.

Changed help file to reflect that FLASH is now a product of Adobe, and no longer by Macromedia.

Other minor changes and improvements.

Version 4.15

Added the ability to load and save the render settings to a startup file.

Fixed bug which prevented the settings, within the LCF file, from being observed.

Version 4.00

Updated program structures for compatibility with LD2000 version 4.0.

Fixed bug which causes incorrect color detection in the SWF-files with large color tables.

Version 3.53

Added the ability to find the first frame where an object is used. To do this, simply right-click on an object in the object list, and choose “Find first frame of object use”.

Changed object list so that objects that are not used for the purpose of laser rendering will appear gray in the list.

Added the ability to specify a “Minimum Object Brightness” in the Render Settings dialog box. This allows you to highlight dark objects.

Fixed bug which blocks rendering on the complex animations after loading an LCF file.

Version 3.52

Greatly improved the ability to handle and render object transparency and alpha blending.

Fixed bug which would not extract SWF files that were embedded into EXE files under some circumstances.

Fixed bug which would not allow left-click object selection under some circumstances.

Version 3.50

This version of Lasershow Converter FLASH contains a number of improvements, including a vastly improved user interface, some additional per-object capabilities, the ability to export SOUND embedded within a FLASH file, and a number of bug fixes. The help file has also been greatly expanded and a tutorial section was added.

Version 1.00

Lasershow Converter FLASH has been in development for nearly six months and is built on the award-winning auto-digitizing engine of Lasershow Converter MAX. Although it has only been tested by a small number of BETA testers, we believe that it is a solid product which will grow in capability very significantly in the coming months.

Version 1.00 represents the first public release of Lasershow Converter FLASH. As other developments occur, this area will contain explanations of the changes and additions.

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