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As you can see, Lasershow Designer QuickShow is continually updated. This topic page lists the additions and changes in recent QuickShow releases. For more information about the additions and changes, see the highlighted topics.

Please send any feature requests or bug reports to Pangolin.

Note that we offer full support on the latest version of QuickShow.
We can only provide very limited support on older versions.

Release 5.5

  • MoboLaser Mobile App: MOBOLASER is a mobile application that works on both Apple and Android devices. It supports phones as well as tablets. It is an official way to directly interface with functions of BEYOND on your mobile devices. This application has simple functionality for 5.5's release allowing for simple playback and live control, and zone alignment, however, this application will evolve continuously.
  • Link Support for the Link protocol from Ableton. Link is a technology developed by Ableton that keeps Link-enabled applications in time over a local network. Link synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices.
  • PangoBeats PangoBeats is a cutting-edge stand-alone windows application designed to enhance the audio experience by providing real-time Beats Per Minute (BPM) detection. It seamlessly integrates with BEYOND/QuickShow software, offering users the capability to synchronize their audio with visual performances.
  • Q Shift: A new, Quick and very light on-performance way to do offset effects in Quickshow! Q-Shift allows you to utilize any of the “live effects” parameters and create oscillating effects that are delayed between lasers. These can be applied immediately to all lasers in your setup and simply controlled on a “Pad” style of interface.

Release 5.2

QuickShow 5.2 Has some additional changes, additions and bug fixes that come along with the update to its bigger brother, BEYOND. These changes should make safety setup and zoning easier!

  • Projection Zones: QuickShow now allows users to use the “Auto mesh” for zoning. This uses 4 corners of a mesh that will automatically shape the content within to be shaped as it should be and automatically do linearity, keystone and other corrections all in one tool.
  • Effects Search: Now in QuickShow you can right click on the “add” button for effects to search for the exact effect you would like! No need to filter through the dropdown menu.
  • Additional Bug fixes, UI changes and more, check the full in software change log for all minor changes.
  • Support for FB4XE, From Build 5.2 1718, The FB4XE controller is supported.
  • Support for FB4SE, From Build 5.2 1736, FB4SE controller with serial higher than 50000 are supported.

Release 5.0

QuickShow has received an update alongside its big brother BEYOND. This update brings maturing features, more content and a new license and registration system!

  • License and Registration System: The largest and most impactful change to the average user in 5.0 is the new licensing and registration system. This is a two-part system which departs us from the old school hardware to license file system we have used since QuickShow was introduced.
  • Improved Core Processing: Changes were made to how QuickShow’s processing core communicates with windows and we have improved calculation performance and CPU usage for beyond. We have also updated the communication protocol between QuickShow and FB4’s from TCP/IP to UDP.
  • Updated Content Workspace: QuickShow 5.0 comes with an expanded default workspace! This now includes more graphic content, abstracts, beams as well as a bunch of new content designed for Beam Brush, all with graphics, abstracts, and beams as well! All and all its more than 1000 new cues for your lasers to chew on!
  • Simplification, Optimization, Bug Fixes: If you didn’t notice, it worked! Lots of background fixes, and optimization since the last release.
  • Wide Angle Compensation: Wide angle compensation is a new check box in your scan speed tab of projector settings which will automatically slow scan speeds down when projecting at large scan angles. This has the benefit of lowering the heat inside the scanners, correcting “bent” corners in projection, and extending the life of your scanners.

Release 4.0

  • Groups, a new mode for Live performance inside the Grid: Cues of the workspace can be organized into groups, which define the cue's life cycle and laser output. Groups provides a new way to organize your workspace.
  • FB4 Export: Redesigned the user interface and also added new features – representing a whole new path for the preparation of FB4 content. Dedicated user interface design for all modes including Autoplay/Scheduler, DMX and Test frames. QuickShow also offers FB4 file viewer for checking out exported animation files.
  • FB4 Settings: Remote interface for changing the settings of FB4 hardware while inside QuickShow – A new specialized window for setting the IP address, Master settings, FB4 mode (Streaming, DMX, ArtNet, etc.). This new user interface operates with every FB4 detected in network, regardless of the mode that the FB4 happens to be in.
  • FB4 Browser: Browsing the FB4 SD card contents is now easier. There is a dedicated window for file download and upload, as part of FB4 oriented tools.
  • Parametric image: We have added a new member of the Image family! Parametric image currently offers more than 20 simple forms that can be used in the same way as other Shapes
  • 64 bit versions: By using the latest software development tools, it has opened the door to new technical features, including 64-bit versions of both BEYOND and QuickShow. Since each of these programs now have well over 1 million lines of code, it has taken Pangolin quite a while to migrate and test the new versions. But the result was worth the effort. The new multi-threading construction will keep all CPU cores busy, and the new 64-bit architecture allows the program to use all available memory.
  • Optimized FB3 firmware and communications to support faster scanning speeds as well as better support for USB 3.0.

There have been many other refinements to the program as well, including updating most program icons, and adding many new Effects.

Release 3.0

To help celebrate Pangolin's 30th anniversary in business, 3.0 represents a major new version of QuickShow, with the following benefits:

  • Introducing the Pangolin Cloud – a new feature that allows you to do everything you would with, but built into the software.
  • Added MIDI device enhancements with native support for the APC Mini.
  • A brand new plug-in for the popular DJ software called Virtual DJ. Our plugin allows QuickShow users to perform laser shows that are automatically perfectly synchronized with music and other content produced by Virtual DJ. Pangolin produces other plugins for Virtual DJ as well. All of these plugins are available for free, and can be found in the Effects section of the Virtual DJ web site.
  • We have also increased the maximum scan rate to 40K. Note that these faster scan speeds should be used cautiously. Many projector manufacturers claim that there scanners go 40K or even faster, when the reality is that they do not… In rare but unfortunate circumstances, operating the software at scan rates faster than the scanners can go will permanently damage the scanners.

Release 2.8

In Release 2.8 we have added the ability to export QuickShow workspaces to the memory card on the FB4. We have also made some minor performance tweaks and fixes here and there.

Release 2.7

Release 2.7 works with Pangolin's new FB4 network hardware as well as the FB3 USB-based hardware.

  • We have also improved the workspace and certain text effects, to improve the appearance when used with projectors having scanners with poor performance.
  • We also improved method of storing the frame data what save up to %50 of size in file and memory.

Release 2.6

  • Security settings dialog box, so you can secure your content and sell it to other users
  • Improved support for targeted beams, insomuch as user-adjustable blanking periods
  • Improved DMX-related code for better support of the ENTTEC USB DMX Pro device
  • Added additional user interface languages (now a total of ten languages)
  • Added the ability to cut/copy/paste events on the timeline

Other minor changes and improvements.

Release 2.5

  • Added additional user interface languages
  • Added quick access to the Pangolin Shows Portal (found in the help menu) where you can download additional content and hundreds of free shows.
  • Improved the tutorial video help section (found by clicking the bright blue question mark on the top of the toolbar).

Other minor changes and improvements.

Release 2.0

  • Great new workspace with additional atmospherics, beam effects, logos and QuickFX.
  • New Languages menu with support for English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Added Video Tutorials to the help menu. (Because of their size, only a few of the video tutorials are available as part of the downloadable update.)
  • Added an additional Help Button that allows you to quickly access the about box, help file, and help videos.
  • Added Virtual Laser Jockey (VLJ). The VLJ feature can automatically trigger cues and trigger effects, to the beat of the music or triggered by incoming audio.
  • Added the ability to rename projectors that appear on the status bar. Just right-click on the controller/projector on the status bar and you will be able to rename it.
  • Added additional color controls to support RGV (red, green, violet) and TTL lasers.
  • Added "zone hot-keys". Now you can see nine projection zones in the preview window, and activate them with the numeric keypad on the computer keyboard.
  • Added support for DMX Input using the ENTTEC DMX USB PRO device. The DMX Channel assignment is the same as that for the FB3.
  • Dramatically improved DMX Output and the QuickDMX tab. DMX Output is performed by the ENTTEC DMX USB PRO device.
  • Dramatically improved the MIDI Input section of the program.
  • Dramatically improved the timeline portion of the program, including new event editors and changes to the way keys are visualized.
  • Added the ability to export any cue to a series of frames. The exported frames can be used in other Pangolin products such as LD2000, LivePRO or LiveQUICK.
  • Added an Administrator mode and User mode, whereby an Administrator can setup the software and restrict the features to be used by users, after being installed in a venue.
  • Added the ability to easily move pages around the workspace and rearrange the workspace as desired by the user.
  • Added the ability for QuickShow to make automatic backups of any file you save, so you will always be able to get back to the previous version of any file if desired.
  • Improved font support, especially for Chinese and Asian text.
  • Improved the QuickCapture tool, making it easier to place multiple cues into a single cue.
  • Changed the targeted beam system for greater power in individual beams. Also added safety improvements, thanks to the ability to turn on and off individual beams.

Other minor changes and improvements.

Release 1.0

Lasershow Designer QuickShow has been in development for over one year, and is based on Pangolin's new BEYOND laser calculation engine.

QuickShow offers a degree of ease-of-use and “layered power” that have not been seen in the field of laser display up until now.

As QuickShow continues to evolve, this area will detail the changes and improvements.

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