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Enable Laser Output button

The Enable Laser Output button is found at the far right of the toolbar, just above the Laser Preview window.

Enabling laser output

In order to enable output from the FB3 laser controller, the Enable Laser Output button must be pressed.

Laser output is always disabled by default

Since there is a possibility that an untrained operator might activate the laser during a time that is not appropriate (for example, when workers are in a room preparing for an event), laser output is always disabled by default, and it is always required for the laser operator to consciously activate laser output.

All editors and setup windows also have their own Enable Laser Output (Show it now) button

The Enable Laser Output button on the QuickShow toolbar is not the only Enable Laser Output button. In fact, each editor window, and setup window within QuickShow also has a button named Show it now which will enable the output from that specific window. Again, the laser operator must consciously enable laser output in order to get any output from QuickShow.

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