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Keyboard Equivalents

QuickShow has many keyboard equivalents. Some of them are listed in the menus, some of them are shown in the cue cells themselves and some of them are not shown at all. All keyboard equivalents are shown below.


All scanning output will be stopped by pressing ESC.


PAUSE mode can be activated by pressing the PAUSE (break) key

Cue access

Cues can be access with the letter keys on the computer keyboard (A, S, D, F, etc.). Both shifted and unshifted keys are used to access the 60 cues per page

Page access

Pages may be assigned to Function keys, in which case they can be accessed using F1 through F12

The SPACE BAR will generate beats and also adjust the speed of the timer. The BACKSPACE key will generate a beat and re-synchronize the timer.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

The Virtual MIDI Keyboard can be shown or hidden and shown by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+M

Invert Rotation Speed

You can invert the rotation speed by pressing “`” or “~” (shifted or unshifted tilde key – right below the ESC key).

Cue editing

Copy cue = CTRL+C Paste cue = CTRL+V Delete cue = CTRL+X

Numeric Keypad

When Numeric Lock is enabled, the keys on the Numeric Keypad will also allow you to route the laser output to different zones.

See Also

  • Main Control Window
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  • Controlling multiple lasers

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