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Projector Settings

The Projector Settings window allows you to configure QuickShow for your of projector. Available settings include size, position, scan rate, color shift, number of colors and color levels. For information on how to optimize these settings, please see Chapter 2 of the Video Help.

The first page of the Projector Settings window is shown and described in the picture below.

Setting the Size and position, and extra options

Within the Size and position tab shown above, the most important thing to do is to show a test pattern, and then adjust the size and position tool to fit the projected output to your projection screen (or area), and also the Invert X, Invert Y and Swap XY check boxes. We have noticed that some projector manufacturers require one or more of these check boxes to be checked in order for the “TOP” to look properly.

Setting the Scan rate

Another important part of the Projector Settings window is the Scan rate tab, as shown below.

Wide Angle Compensation: Wide angle compensation is a new check box in your scan speed tab of projector settings which will automatically slow scan speeds down when projecting at large scan angles. This has the benefit of lowering the heat inside the scanners, correcting “bent” corners in projection, and extending the life of your scanners.

For using Wide Angle Compensation, you will set the scan speed at the rated scan speed of your scanners, and when you project at larger angles beyond 50% size, the compensation may come into play. It automatically determines parts of frames which may be difficult for the scanner and slows the scan speeds down ever so slightly to make the image correct at large sizes and remove heat from the scanner. The number of points this tool adds to frames is very minimal and often won’t be noticed so for most users its best to keep this enabled.

This tool has been tested on a wide variety of projectors and scanning systems including ultra-low cost scanners you may find in budget systems to high end Saturn scanners from Pangolin and ScannerMax like our Saturn 1 Series of scanners.

Setting up the colors

The Color Settings tab is shown below. Be sure to indicate the number and type of lasers in your projector, and the color modulation scheme (Color system type) to use for your projector.

Using the ILDA Test Pattern to set the Default Scan rate

The ILDA tuning standard dictates that your scanners can show the ILDA Test Pattern in a specific way (circle touching the sides of the square), when the ILDA Test Pattern is displayed at the correct scan speed (points per second):

As you are projecting the ILDA test Pattern, look very carefully at the central section of the test pattern. Adjust the Default Scan rate slider in the Projector Settings window so that the circle is just touching the sides of the square. Note that sometimes the circle may touch only the sides but may be over on the top and bottom, or vice versa. Just adjust the slider for the best overall appearance of circle touching the square.

Using the ILDA Test Pattern to set the Color/Blanking shift

Just below the purple Y in the ILDA Test Pattern, there is a set of long horizontal lines around short vertical lines. The ILDA tuning standard dictates that the horizontal lines should be approximately centered around the vertical lines.

As you are projecting the ILDA test Pattern, look very carefully at the horizontal lines below the letter Y. Adjust the Color/Blanking shift slider in the Projector Settings window so that the horizontal lines are approximately centered around the vertical lines. Since the Color/Blanking shift is a somewhat coarse adjustment, it may not be possible to get the horizontal lines perfectly centered around the vertical lines. It is acceptable that the top set of horizontal lines be shifted slightly to the right – lining up under the letter Y.

Better scanners provides better results

Although QuickShow will work with any scanners and scan speeds up till 40k, QuickShow provides the best results with 30K or faster scanners that are tuned perfectly. Please make sure that the low frequency damping and high frequency damping are adjusted properly for “critical damping.”

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