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Files included with Lasershow Converter FLASH

The Lasershow Converter FLASH install program will install the following files:

Program and help files

  • LCFlash.exe - The main Lasershow Converter FLASH program file
  • LCFlash_Help.chm - The Lasershow Converter FLASH help file

Example SWF files

  • Road.swf - A funny cartoon that instructs you how you should and should not drive an automobile
  • LFILogo.swf - A test file created by Laser Fantasy International
  • Pangolin_15sec_ID.swf - A Shockwave equivalent of the Pangolin 15-second ID show

Example Laser show files

  • - Frame file created with Lasershow Converter FLASH from the Road.swf file described above
  • Road.shs - Showtime show file created for use with
  • Road.wav - Audio file for use with the Road.shs Showtime show

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