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Editing controls: Object Line-type and Color

The Object line type and color panel allows you to control the main aspects of how FLASH content is interpreted and converted into laser frames. Note that the settings specified in this panel apply to the Selected Objects.


If this checkbox is checked, the object will be visible in the Lasershow Converter FLASH viewport and will also generate laser output. If this check box is not checked, the object will not generate laser output, but it will participate in hidden line removal (i.e. the object may cover parts of other objects). To completely disable an object, you must make it both invisible and “transparent”. (Completely disabling objects in this way may help to reduce the flicker when working with FLASH files that have a lot of detail.)

Prevent laser output

If this checkbox is checked, the object will not produce any output on the laser. Note that even if an object is not generating laser output, it will still participate in hidden line removal unless it is also made “transparent”. Preventing laser output, but keeping them non-transparent is useful when creating “Laser over video” presentations where you want the laser to only draw or “highlight” certain parts of the projected video image.


If this checkbox is checked, the object will not participate in hidden line removal (i.e. it will not cover other objects.)

User-defined color

If this checkbox is checked, the object will use the color shown in the square color chip to the right of this checkbox. If you click on this color chip, you can select a specific color to use. If this checkbox is not checked, the color of the object will be the color that it was designed with as specified in the SWF file.

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