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How can I improve the rendering speed?

  • In the Filter settings panel you will find a check box and spinner called Angle filter. The default value is 4 degrees. If you increase this value, it will decrease the number of points in rounded sections that LCFlash has to deal with when computing the hidden line removal and laser beam path calculations.
  • In the Filter settings panel, don't select Remove hidden lines unless this is really needed by the scene. This option will slow down the calculations.

Should I be worried about the laser image having so many points it flickers?

This depends on the source material. If your scene has many objects that are visible at the same time, Lasershow Converter FLASH may render lots of points on the laser. If this happens, you may be able to reduce flicker by reducing the complexity of the scene. This may be done by editing the SWF file in Adobe FLASH, or by selecting objects that are not 100% necessary to the scene and disabling them by unchecking the “Visible” and checking the “Transparent” check box in the Object Line Types and Color panel.

Can I return to the default values?

Yes, you can easily return to the default for any numeric value; click here for instructions.

For non-numeric values, such as color or path preferences, check this help file. Most pictures of the various control panels show the default values.

When I import an SWF file into Lasershow Converter FLASH, it doesn't look right. What could be the problem?

If you ever encounter an SWF file that does not work well in Lasershow Converter FLASH, try importing the file directly into Adobe FLASH and see what it looks like. If the SWF file does not look correct in Adobe FLASH, then it won't look correct in Lasershow Converter FLASH. Among the reasons why files won't work correctly, include that the file uses “Action Scripts”, raster content, or has some other inherent error within the FLASH file itself.

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