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DMX Settings

BEYOND may be setup to be controlled by an incoming DMX signal (DMX input), or to control external DMX devices such as lights and fog machines (DMX output). Both of these are specified using the DMX Settings dialog box, which is shown below.

First specify whether you want to use DMX Input or Output using the “Connection” portion of the dialog box. After that, specify the COM port where the DMX-to-USB controller is connected.

BEYOND gives you the ability to test the connection of the USB device by pressing the Test Connection button. If you have the proper COM port selected and the device is connected and working properly, it should give you a message box which will show the serial number and firmware version installed in the device as shown above.

DMX Input

If you want an external lighting console to be able to trigger BEYOND cues and control them live, choose the Enable DMX Input option. You will also need to specify the Starting DMX Channel (address) where you want BEYOND to appear within the DMX stream.

As shown above, the DMX Channel Assignment for BEYOND is exactly the same as that of the FB3-SE DMX daughter board. This allows external controllers that are already familiar with the FB3 to easily control BEYOND in the same way and providing the same results.

DMX Output

If you want to control external devices such as beam tables, LEDs, lights or fog machines, choose the Enable DMX Output option. You will also need to specify the Number of channels that BEYOND should transmit. The default is 24, but you can enable BEYOND to send up to 512 channels.


The DMX Output settings also has advanced controls that allow you to control the timing of the DMX signal. Generally the default values should work well, and you would only need to make adjustments to these settings if you suspect data corruption or incorrect DMX signal receipt.

DMX to USB device needed

Note that in order to use DMX for either input or output, you must first acquire a DMX to USB converter device. Currently BEYOND supports only the DMX USB PRO from the company ENTTEC. This is a very popular device which is freely available from many vendors on the internet. Pangolin also normally carries a limited stock of these devices as well.

DMX daughter board on FB3-SE can not be used

Also note that if you have a FB3-SE with a DMX daughter board installed, this can not be used for DMX input or output with BEYOND. The DMX daughter board on the FB3 is only used by the FB3 for direct FB3 control and playback.

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