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The Pangolin FB3-QS laser controller is a small, palm-sized box connects between a USB port on your PC and the ILDA input connector on your laser projector.

FB3-QS can use up to 500 mili-ampere which means that when you use an USB hub to connect the FB3-QS to your computer, make sure that you use a powered USB hub.

Dimensions : 4.2 x 2.8 x 1.3 in (110 x 71 x 33 mm)

ILDA DB-25F pinouts

Signal name Pin Notes
X+ 1 -5V to +5V
Y+ 2 -5V to +5V
Intensity/Blanking + 3 0V to +5V
Interlock A 4
Red+ 5 0V to +5V
Green+ 6 0V to +5V
Blue+ 7 0V to +5V
Deep blue + 8 0V to +5V
Yellow + 9 0V to +5V
Cyan + 10 0V to +5V
Z+ 11
Not connected 12
Shutter 13 0V to +5V
X- 14 -5V to +5V
Y- 15 -5V to +5V
Intensity/Blanking - 16 0V
Interlock B 17
Red- 18 0V
Green- 19 0V
Blue- 20 0V
Deep blue - 21 0V
Yellow - 22 0V
Cyan - 23 0V
Z- 24
Ground 25 Cable shield

LED light codes

The front LED next to the USB connector indicates the current function the FB3-QS is executing:

Led Color status
Solid Green Powered (connected to USB but no connection to QuickShow)
Solid Yellow Connected (to the Quickshow or other software), but offline
Red Slow Flash Online, but output inactive (dummy stream, no cue active)
Red Fast Flash Online and output active (at least one cue active)
Yellow Slow Flash Online but output disabled (either invalid license, or some other fault)
Solid White Firmware update in progress

Extending USB over Cat5

Pangolin has tested over 50 different kinds of USB extenders (not kidding) and various USB server/client setups. None of them fully worked with FB3-QS series controllers, except for one:

Note that this is not an USB over IP device!

The local and remote devices are connected by standard CAT5 or CAT6 (network) cables, They use their own proprietary protocol, so you need to use it one on one (You cannot put a switch or hub in between). The remote device supports maximum 4 USB devices. The the original adapter is strong enough to power 4 FB3-QS.

There are 3 similar devices from this company (single, dual and quad port versions). They all should work equally well, but we only tested the quad port version.


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