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How to use the FiFO Image Editor in BEYOND

Video description: FIFO Image is a signal recorder. This is the second iteration of a signal recorder. The first basic signal recorder exists in the Shape Editor. FIFO Image is a dedicated solution, which provides more extended functionalities. The base element is FIFO. FIFO (which means first in, first out) is a buffer that records the position of the mouse cursor. Inside the FIFO editor, you can use the mouse cursor to record the move mouse cursor. However, the position of the cursor might be connected to BEYOND Inputs or controlled by means of Node Image.


  • 0:00 Fifo Image Editor Overview
  • 0:49 Fifo Settings
  • 1:23 Fifo Transformation Matrix
  • 1:53 Cursor position
  • 2:04 Morphing Effect
  • 2:29 Final Effect
  • 2:42 Building a live abstract
  • 2:52 Outro

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