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How to setup your accessories with Kvant Laser Projectors

Below you will find various tutorial videos covering Kvant Product options and accessories. In this “How To” setup guides, we walk you through the process of configuring your laser with these accessories or use the preconfigured product options.

Accessories are available on

Kvant ClubMAX FB4 Series

How To Fit The 4 Way Masking Plate

How To Install A DiscoScan Lens

How To Put on The Rain Cover

Kvant ATOM & Spectrum Lasers

How To Fit The 4 Way Masking Plate

How to Install A DiscoScan

How To Install The Safety Scan Lens

How To Put on The Rain Cover


How To Align Your Lasers Colors With Motorized Dichroic Filters

How To Setup And Start Your KVANT Laser Display System

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