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Creating a show using objects

When time is valuable or when a high complexity is not needed or desired, you can make your scene using the range of available standard objects. While modeling can be tedious (and frustrating at first) using standard objects can be fun.

The trick here would mostly take place in the animation, especially the camera.

This pangolin logo is made of standard shapes and splines.

See the example file Pangolin logo3.beyond3d.


The logo consists of the following:

  • 1 flattend out cube, that has been made thinner. *which is the white part of the pangolin logo* (this flat and thing cube got a White colored laser material)
  • 1 downscaled cube that has been stretched in its X-axis that has been copied to a total of 9 times Where the top have gotten extended on the X-axis and 2 *the smaller top ones on the far right* have been slightly made smaller in the X-axis. (The cube got a Red colored laser material)
  • The spirals are spiral curves which can be found in the lower bar in the “curves” tab.

The shading effect seen here was achieved by choosing “light shading in the “render setup” found in the Menu Strip under “Rendering”.

In the tab default line color you can find Color Mode. By default Color mode is set to “Diffuse Color” for shading change this to: “Light Shading” To get the shading to work you need at least 1 light in your scene. The best option here would be a “spot light (target)” (can be found in the lower bar under “lights and cameras”)

I would also suggest dragging all of the pangolin logo objects inside a group so you can rotate and move everything in one go, without having to select every object all the time.

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