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Audio Tab

The Audio Tab in BEYOND

The Audio tab provides control of the audio recorder and spectrum frequency analyzer (FFT).

Audio waveforms can be used in various places such as Shape, Effects, etc. The spectrum analyzer detects peaks and amplitudes, of the 256 frequency bands.

To start an audio recording, click on the Audio Device button. A popup menu will appear, showing a list of available audio recording devices in your PC. After selecting a device, BEYOND will start processing automatically. The name of the device is saved in BEYOND’s settings file, and will be used automatically in the future.

In this tab, we have buttons for record and stop. BEYOND will not automatically start the recorder, so make sure you click on the record button in this regard.

The Beat register range defines a range of frequency bands. A peak on any of the frequency bands generates an “audio event” that can be used by Virtual Laser Jockey.

Release and Gain parameters

Note that frequency bars move very fast - This is normal, although it may look a bit complex at first. These can be used in Effects, Shapes, etc.

To get a better visual result , use BEYOND’s filter (inside the Input dialog you can choose raw FFT data, or to have the data available after the filter).

ReleaseDefines how quickly the values fall after the peak. Higher Release values give slower motion.
GainIs a multiplier and it increases the amplitude. If the value is too big it will be limited to a maximum.
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