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Cue and laser Content

The Cue is such a universal item although it is a fairly abstract term. Within BEYOND the Cue has various functionalities; for example:

A Cue can contain laser content Images, Timeline Shows, QuickCapture animations, Sequences, and so on. It is the universal container, that elegantly hides the difference between the container and what is inside the container.

The Cue contains a Live Control object.

A Cue can contain an Effect. An Effect is a big and important part of BEYOND; effects can be placed inside Events, Cues, or Images.

The Cue has its own settings. For example, it can have a name, color, preview time, routing/zone information, background picture, or icon settings.

The Cue is the base element for a QuickCapture object.

The Cue is the base element of a Timeline Cue List.

The Cue is what BEYOND actually plays. It is a uniform object that hides the details.

It is important to understand the difference between the Cue and Content when it comes to routing settings (projection zones). The Cue, as a higher level object, has the right to overwrite the settings of the laser content (frames, synths) the Cue contains. Thinking of the Cue and the laser content contained within the Cue as the same thing can cause confusion on who BEYOND works.

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