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Cue Export

The Cue Export wizard allows you to export various laser content Images such as Synths, Text, Shapes, etc., to a sequence of frames that can be imported into other various Pangolin laser controller systems.

Step 1

Once the Export Wizard is open, you will select the Beginning and Ending times to define the amount of the laser content image you want to export. BEYOND will calculate the number of frames to export bases on the specified time range. The slider at bottom of the interface allows you to preview how the animation looks within the defined time range. Once the time range is set, click Next.

Step 2

Click on the Select file name button to enter an output file name in the File Save dialog box that opens.

A LD2000 Frame note text box is available to provide a frame note for each exported frame. BEYOND will also add the frame number to the name by default.

Step 3 - Output Methods

Output Methods

Refresh based method calculates the animation time based on the number of points in the frame and the sample rate. For example, if the laser content frame has 300 points and the sample rate is 30K, then the frame duration is 1/100 of second. The duration of each frame is calculated individually, and BEYOND calculates the animation time by addition of the frame durations.

Time based method is the opposite of refresh based. The frame duration is specified as a constant, and is not dependent on the number of points or the sample rate. It works just like in video files that have a fixed frame rate - 24, 25 or 30 FPS.

System points number is an important parameter for using the refresh based method. BEYOND’s Playback system may add a transitional path between the frames and/or add extra points for color-shift purposes (FIFO, first in first out). An animation with a few points is not a problem for frames, but if we have 16000 frames, where each frame gets an additional 5 points, it turns into a full second of time shift within the animation which will cause desynchronization. The system points option is a form of compensation within the playback system settings, that occurs at the time calculation point.

Max Number of frames per file - larger animation files may have problems being loaded into other software platforms. The max number parameter defines a max number of frames allowed in one file; after that number is reached, BEYOND will start a new frame file.

Projection zone use - To use a projection zone or not? To Apply a zone correction or not? for exported content to be opened by QuickShow or LD2000 - no; to be imported into LiveQ - maybe yes…

Output of - defines two important details. The first is the vector settings of projector. The second is - by projector, to define what Projection Zones to export the laser content Image to.

Step 4

Step 4 is waiting for the completion of the Export process…

Step 5

Step 5 is the “export complete” page. Click Finish to close the dialog box. You can now take the exported frame file and import it into your other Software platform.

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