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Cue Properties

The Workspace Cue is a fairly complex object that includes a few other objects. The main purpose of the Cue is to be a container. The Cue can contain Frames, Shapes, Beam or DMX sequences, Timeline Shows, Captures and so on. The Cue also has Live Control objects that work with all Images. Another important element of the Cue is an Effect. Lastly there can be various settings for the laser content contained in the Cue. The Cue Properties dialog allows you to adjust these settings of the Cue.

General tab

Cue name - a title that appears at the bottom of the Cue in the workspace grid.

Background - background color of the title.

Preview time - by default, the cue shows the content at the start (time zero), but in some cases the first frame is black. Preview time defines the time that is used in the calculation of the Cue preview.

Selected Destination and Available destination - projection zones that can be assigned to a cue. Note, Cue settings overwrite Image settings.

Prevent rerouting - disables the ability to change the cue routing by higher level objects.


By default, the cue uses the click mode defined on the main toolbar - toggle, restart, flash. Start mode can assign modes to a cue permanently. For example, your situation may call for you to have some cues always in Flash mode, or some in Flash-Solo. Note: you can use two grids, and each grid has its own click mode.

Start mode - allows you to overwrite the master click mode defined in the main toolbar.

Transition mode - overwrites the master transition setting for this cue.

Fixed Start time - The default start time of the cue as defined in the Dynamics tab. This option allows you to set the start time permanently.

Fixed Finish time - This option allows you to set the start time permanently.

Ignore this cue by VLJ (Virtual Laser Jockey) - specifies that VLJ will not use this cue.

Always repaint this cue - this setting is made specifically for the Tracer Output image. Tracer Output displays the output of the tracer but if BEYOND does not repaint the cue, no actual laser output will be displayed. Alternately, the repainting of a cue takes CPU resources; in situations where you want to minimize CPU usage, we made this setting optional.


Playback settings are applicable for Frames/Animations only. This option is described in the Timeline section, under Event tab.

The only additional button here is the “Save as default…” option. BEYOND will store the current settings as default and they will be used for all new animations.


The Image tab has an embedded Image properties dialog that controls sample rate, vector settings, and a few additional parameters.

Please check chapter about Image Properties dialog.


The Shift tab controls the time shift of the Image contained in the Cue. Shift is an instruction for the Cue Player to use to calculate multiple Image copies with a time shift.

The Cue, Image, or Preview window defines the routing (zones) of where the output of the cue will go. The Cue Player takes this routing information and uses it to calculate the time shift. The first zone will have a zero shift, the second - 1*Shift, third - 2*shift and so on. So, instead of one calculation and one output that goes to multiple zones, BEYOND calculates multiple frames and sends each frame to one zone.

Please note that each time shift can only be applied once because the shift is working with zone information.


BEYOND allows a script to be defined that will be executed immediately, before the start of the cue. Scripting for the ending of a cue is also available.

The execution of the script is immediate, which allows for some action before the Cue starts being displayed. In such scripts, the use of Sleep, WaitFor and similar long operations is prohibited because it will delay the cue start. If you need to start some script that uses WaitFor - then place that type of script inside the PangoScript tab and use the StartCode command inside the Cue.

Currently BEYOND does not allow you to place a script into the Cue as a main object. You may expect to use such a script in all other places where the Cue can be used. In some places, this is a complex task. In other places, this is not possible at all. For example, timeline Events and scripts using IF or Wait instructions. The timeline can play at any speed, and any direction but a script cannot. Timeline Events have the scripts OnEnter and OnLeave, which are the same as for the Cue so you can activate external scripts in the same way as a Cue.


Cues may have a static picture as a background of the cue. There are file operation buttons, Open and Save, Copy and Paste for Clipboard and a Delete button to delete the picture.

Effect Preview (frame) is designed for ProTracks. The cue can contain Effects that can be the main object of the Cue, which is similar to LivePRO. LivePRO uses a few different frames for Effect, Key Effect and Color Cycle. BEYOND offer the same frames as LivePRO which should help LP users feel comfortable.

Effect to Line assignment is another ProTrack oriented feature. LP has fixed assignment based on the type of effects - effect, key effect and color. Color always replaces Color, and so on. In BEYOND you can run effects in any Effect Line of a ProTrack or, make a fixed relation which will always go to some exact line of the ProTrack effects.


The Show tab has a couple of simple settings for a timeline Cue.

Play show once defines how many times to play the cue that contains a Timeline Show - once or multiple times.

The Timeline settings to Edit the Timeline Properties that provide control of time code options.


Icon text - text inside the central Cue icon. Icon color - defines the color of the icon. Step duration - defines the duration of DMX sequence step.


This tab has only one active control - Step duration. It defines the duration of a beam sequence step (in seconds or beats).

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