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Dynamics Tab

The Dynamic tab provides options that define how to stop or transition to/from a Cue. The dynamics parameters are primarily made for the trackless tracks model (Live mode). In the trackless track model, the software creates a player for the cue automatically. The Dynamics provide the instructions to the player on how/when to stop the cues automatically.


There are two set of Limiters, the first is for One Cue mode, the second for Multi Cue mode. The logic of Limiters is in some cases corrected by practical experience. The system should give the expected results in the most cases, although there can be tricky combinations, in which case Limiters are useful.

HOLD Cue limit - maximum number of cues playing in HOLD mode. BEYOND will stop Cues in normal mode first, and if it needs to, the oldest cue(s) in HOLD mode.

FLASH Cue limit - maximum of FLASH cues at playing at one time. Works for One Per and Multi Cue modes, for Flash based transitions.

Per Zone limit - this is the most questionable limiter in BEYOND. It is a legacy option from QuickShow. This limiter is very natural for the QS architecture, and there it works great. BEYOND has a slightly different internal model, even if it looks similar. BEYOND will give similar results, but only if you try to use it as you would in QuickShow.

Per Grid limit - maximum number of cues playing together. This is a simple limiter. BEYOND checks how many players are active and stops one if the limit is exceed.

Beam Cue limit - maximum number of Beam sequences playing together.

DMX Cue limit - maximum number of DMX sequences playing together.

Show Cue limit - maximum number of Show/Timeline sequences playing together.

Cue appearance

Soft pause duration - cue start - defines the time (in seconds) for the amount of time it takes to accelerate the cue to full playback speed. Instead of an immediate pause and cue playback start, BEYOND can start the cue “softly”, or slow down/speed up the playback of the cue during the specified time.

Soft pause duration - cue finish - defines the time from for the slowdown (deceleration) of the cue playback before it stops playing.

Soft start/finish duration

The Cue player has 3 phases of the playback “process”. Starting - the laser content within the Cue starts, and player applies the start effect. Playing - normal work-state phase. Finishing - BEYOND stops playing the cue, but instead of an immediate stop, it will stop “slowly”, while applying the finish effect. The termination is interesting especially in context of limiters. We stop the cue, and it slowly goes to termination, and during this time we start the second cue.

Cue start - time of cue start phase. E button allows you to define a start effect.

Cue finish - time of cue finish phase. E button allows you to define a finish effect.

Use Start effect in Flash mode - Slow flash is an interesting effect, but most End Users will want to have a fast reaction in Flash mode.

Use Finish effect in Flash mode - enables/disables the Finish effect for Flash mode.


The list of transitions types defines an effect for when the Cue playing has been changed to a different Cue. The Duration defines the amount of time the transition takes to complete and how it is measured (seconds or beats).

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