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Firmware Updater

The Firmware Updater in BEYOND is designed for the FB3-SE/XE and FB3-QS hardware. As a rule, you do not need to worry about the firmware version of your hardware because BEYOND checks the firmware version when it opens or an additional hardware controller is connected to the system (while BEYOND is open) and updates the firmware automatically. The firmware is embedded into BEYOND; you do not need to browse your computer to select files of do anything else.

The Firmware and BEYOND software work together, and are designed for each other. If BEYOND detects incorrect firmware is loaded on a controller, BEYOND will update it. Otherwise, the controller cannot be used within BEYOND.

During a firmware update, BEYOND will block anything else trying to access the hardware, and enters into a special mode with its own plug-and-play and hardware enumeration. The firmware update starts automatically. After completion of the update, click on Close button to close the Firmware Updater.

During a firmware update, the FB3 hardware requires almost a half amp (0.5A) of current. This meets the USB standard and all USB ports must be able to provide this level of current.

If a problem is experienced during a firmware update, it is most likely that one of these examples are the cause of the issue:

Bad USB cable - This is a very typical problem. We recommend you use high quality cables and replace the cables periodically.

Worn out computer USB socket - this happens frequently with laptops and front side USB sockets of desktops.

Problem with computer USB Host controller - Very unexpected issue, but sometimes the controller on the computer motherboard was made imperfectly.

Laptop is running on battery instead of AC power.

Recommended solutions - Use a replacement USB cable, use an externally powered USB hub, or try another computer.

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