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Using a Gamepad in BEYOND

BEYOND allows Users to work with one external Gamepad or Joystick. Before using a Gamepad in BEYOND you need to ensure that the Gamepad drivers are installed and you set the required settings within the Control Panel. The Gamepad controller may require calibration and it is important to set this up correctly before connecting the Gamepad to BEYOND.

Inside BEYOND, the settings are very simple. Select the controller inside the Controller list, BEYOND will show information about the controller, and allow testing of the device.

Gamepad and Input

The Gamepad has up to 6 Axis controls and up to 32 buttons available in BEYOND. In practice, the number of Axis and Buttons is smaller. The gamepad for BEYOND provides information about the state of each axis (value) and the state of each button (pressed or no). BEYOND adds a logical layer. You can use Axis values only when some button is pressed. When you press a button on the gamepad and move an axis, these informational state values are changed; these values can be used in effects. When you release the button the axis value will be ignored.

Such a model helps organize the functionality of an effect. For example, when you hold first button the axis values can be used for position effect, when you hold second button, the values could then be used for rotation, a third button for some other action, etc.. When you release the button, the value will stay as it. Internally, BEYOND memorizes the state of 3 axis for each button.

A Gamepad can be used as an Input for Oscillating, Key, or other effect types. Click on the Gamepad option, select an Axis, and a button number, that you want to define to be pressed when you want control over the effect you are working with.

Also Inputs can be used inside:

  • Shape object
  • Abstraction
  • LD2000 Classic Abstract Generator.
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