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BEYOND was designed to be a next-generation laser show creation platform with features to satisfy even the most discerning professional. Although professional-level features were a priority, BEYOND still maintains a level of ease-of-use so that even beginners will feel right at home.

Designed by laserists for laserists

During the development of BEYOND, we consulted with laserists of all kinds, including everyone from hobbyists playing shows in their garages, all the way up to top-level Laser DJs, including Glenn Turner of Oracle Projects and Derek Garbos of Garbos Consulting. Derek contributed hundreds of suggestions and he also created the demonstration workspace that comes with both QuickShow and BEYOND.

Dual-core processor is required

Unlike most of Pangolin's past developments, BEYOND uses the PC to do all of the laser calculations and processing, while output boards such as the QM2000 and FB3 are used only for color conversion and final laser output. Because of this, we recommend you use a dual-core processor (Intel Centrino Duo or Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD) for best results.

Monitor resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher is recommended

BEYOND was designed to work with a single monitor with a resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher, or with more than one monitor. BEYOND will work with a lower resolution, but some of the features on the lower portion of the screen will be unavailable.

More help available on the Pangolin forum

Although we include more than 50 help files and tutorial videos to help you learn how to use BEYOND, it is certainly true that BEYOND is also a very deep program. It is not likely that you will ever exhaust the power and capabilities of BEYOND, no matter what your application. As such, we encourage users to check out the Pangolin forum, which has many topics intended to help people gain a greater understanding of BEYOND as well as other Pangolin-related products. The Pangolin forum can be found on the Pangolin web site.

Free shows and cues available in the Pangolin Cloud

BEYOND comes with nearly 4000 cues, and some additional shows are also installed along with the program. However, you can also download additional shows and workspace elements for free, using the new Pangolin Cloud feature. Just click on the CLOUD button on the top/left of the toolbar and sign in.

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