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Laser and EmuLaser Control Hardware

The dialog box below indicates where you can view all the Hardware Controllers connected to your computer that are visible within BEYOND. You can add and remove Laser Control Hardware, as well as reposition the hardware units, to change their projector number and designation. When this window is active, BEYOND stops the calculation core, allowing you to position the controllers in the right order. When this is done, controllers will appear as Projectors.

When you click “Refresh List and reset Controllers”, this will disconnect, and then attempt to reconnect with any connected FB3 hardware.

NOTE: Performing this function has no action on QM2000 hardware or other controller types.

he Laser and EmuLaser Control Hardware dialog is also where you would add a Demo projector, or an EmuLaser video projector, to be set up as an EmuLaser projector within the Projection Zone settings.

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