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BEYOND Laser and EmuLaser control hardware

The first step you will want to perform when you start to use BEYOND is setting up you laser hardware. The “Laser and EmuLaser” menu (within the “Settings” drop down list) displays a list of connected laser controller hardware units, virtual controllers (demo), and EmuLasers (designates a video projector controlled by your video card to be used as a “Laser” projector). The main purpose of this menu is set the order of the controllers as well as manage Demo and EmuLaser units.

Similar to the Firmware Updater, when this menu is open, BEYOND will block all access to the hardware, and enters into a special mode. You cannot have the laser output while this menu is active.

FB3 hardware will appear in the list automatically. The interface for the FB3 is always enabled. To reconnect to the hardware, click “Refresh list and reset controllers” button. This button is for FB3 hardware controllers only.

QM2000 hardware interfaces need to be manually enabled. In some situations you may want to use BEYOND on PC where LD2000 is installed but you do not want BEYOND to use the QM2000 hardware. Sometimes, LD2000 is installed but the QM2000 is not connected to the computer. In this situation the interface to the QM2000 hardware is optional.

If you do not see your QM2000 in the list, open the Configuration Dialog, “Startup options” tab, and verify the “Enable Qm2000 controllers” box has a mark in it. After that, restart BEYOND; if BEYOND does not recognize the QM2000, then ensure that the LD2000 software suite is installed and working correctly with that QM2000 controller.

LD2000 must be installed and working with your QM2000 before BEYOND can access and use the controller.

Demo projectors are available to use BEYOND in demo mode. For adding a demo controller, click on the “Add” button on the toolbar.

The EmuLaser feature is designed for using a video projector as a laser projector. Each EmuLaser projector has own window, that should be dragged to the additional monitor (video projector) and maximized. A Video projector can be used for atmospheric and graphic effects. For adding an EmuLaser projector click on the “Add” button on the toolbar.

Buttons Up, Down, and Delete are for arranging the laser controller hardware within the list of controllers.

“Refresh list and reset controllers” is for FB3 controllers. BEYOND reconnects and removes and unconnected hardware controllers listed.

Once the hardware order reflects your requirements, you can use the Projector Settings menu where you can adjust various parameters of the projector with enabled laser output.

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