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Send packages to BEYOND

BEYOND accepts incoming TCP and/or UDP signals on the “Talk Client service”. By enabling this service, BEYOND will accept custom PangoScript commands. The sender of the package can be any application that is capable to send TCP and or UDP commands.

The advantage of this is that that this allows you to control BEYOND over ethernet. The example configuration shown below uses the free utility package sender to send commands to BEYOND. This could even be your own application.

Enabling Talk server and client

Open Settings » network » “BEYOND Talk server” and “BEYOND Talk client”

Now you need to enable the Talk server service and talk server client service in the network settings window. Open up Settings » network » Network settings.

The default ports used are 16062 for UDP and 16063 for TCP. You can also change the ports used for these two services.

Package sender example

Download and install the free application Package Sender.

After opening package sender, configure it like shown as the screenshot below.

Note that the address needs to be replaced to the IP address of the computer that is running BEYOND. If BEYOND is running on the same machine, the IP address will be .

In this case I am sending the command “SetBpm 120” but BEYOND accepts all PangoScript based commands.

Note that every command needs to be followed by \r\n (CR LF aka line separator) as shown below.

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