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Send2B for BEYOND

Send2b.exe is a small application that allows you to execute Pangoscript commands from the command line. This comes in handy when you want to execute a PangoScript command from within Windows Task scheduler or when you want to execute a curl command from a simple website. As Send2b.exe works with PangoScript, BEYOND advanced or higher is a requirement.


Send2B.exe is a small exe file that can be downloaded in Zip format by clicking here :


From the command line you can type in an easy command as:

Send2B.exe disablelaseroutput

 Note that Send2B.exe is case sensitive and that entering **.exe** is required. 

Windows Task Scheduler example

On all versions of Windows, the task scheduler can be opened by pressing the “Windows + R”, then type “taskschd.msc” in the Open field. After “Enter”,the Windows task scheduler will be opened and a command can be created and executed as shown in the example below.

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