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SMS to Laser in BEYOND

BEYOND has the ability to receive messages from our external SMS messaging software and display the message as laser content.

For SMS to Laser we recommend using the Pangolin Interactive Messaging Unlimited software (IMU). The IMU software is a specially designed application for message processing that receives, filters, and forwards the messages to the BEYOND software. IMU and BEYOND use a new communication protocol; please ensure that you are using the latest version of IMU.

BEYOND and IMU must be started together. When BEYOND detects that IMU is open an SMS tab will appear in the QuickTools area at the bottom of the BEYOND interface. When IMU detects BEYOND, an icon for BEYOND will appear inside the right/bottom corner of the IMU status bar. If no icon or/and SMS tab are showing, the application versions may not be compatible and you will want to update one or both applications.

The SMS tab is based on the QuickText tool. The color palette controls the color of outputted text. The “Bigger” and “Smaller” button options control the text size. The “Slower” and “Faster” buttons control the scroll speed of the outputted text. The Text button calls the Scrolling text editor; the Font button changes the font of the Scrolling Text. The SMS feature uses Scrolling Text; please read corresponding chapter.

Message List

SMS processing in BEYOND is based on a message list and one Scrolling Text. IMU sends the message text to BEYOND and the messages appear in the message list. At the right of each message there is Delete button and messages can be deleted by the Delete key on the keyboard.

Idle messages can be used if you want display some default text if the message list is empty. To start displaying a message, click on the Show It Now button. “Show it now” enables laser output from the SMS tab and also actively displays the SMS messages. When a message appears on laser it will then be removed from Message list.

SMS as PangoScript

SMS as PangoScript. As a software developer I always wanted to make such a thing - to control the laser system externally from SMS messages, but the opportunity never came up until a from a client in Demark. The Client was doing a lasers projection on the side or a large building in the city center; they actually wanted to change the frames/cue while they were in the city center. So, I said – “Yes! Finally!” 10 minutes of work and it was done.

When button “As PangoScript” in enabled, the text of an incoming SMS text will be sent to PangoScript as an executable instruction. In this mode, messages will not appear in the Message list. BEYOND will receive it and send to pangoScript for execution immediately.

PangoScript and SMS

PangoScript has a command “AddSms”. For Example:

AddSMS “It works!”

This means that you can add messages into the Message list not only from IMU. The rest depends on your imagination.

Downloading IMU

Note that Pangolin no longer offers support on Pangolin SMS, IMU and VMU.
No support will be given on this product by the Pangolin support team.
This product is provided as is.

You can find the latest version in our download center.

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