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Test Patterns in BEYOND

Pangolin’s BEYOND Software includes a variety of test patterns that can be used when setting up your laser display. BEYOND (as with our LD2000 and QuickShow software) includes test patterns for orientation, scan speeds, blanking, colors and more.

Accessing the BEYOND Test Patterns

he dialog box below is where you can access the various test patterns BEYOND offers. These can be projected across a single zone, or across multiple zones. To project a test pattern, simply select the appropriate test pattern on the left, and click the corresponding zones on the right you want it to display the test pattern across, then click the “Show it now” button.

When projecting a test pattern across multiple zones, you can also click the “Multi Zone” button, and this will activate check boxes beside each zone listed, so you can choose the multiple zones you want the test pattern to display across.

We’ve also included a laser power level slider to the right of this menu, that will allow you to adjust the power level of the test pattern being displayed. This is a good safety tool to use when setting up your laser show.

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