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BEYOND Timeline keyboard shortcuts

SpacebarPlay / Stop
Ctrl + Spacebarzoom to selected event
Shift + SpacebarSet User Time by boundary of current Event
Ctrl + Num Plus / just Num PlusZoom In on current cursor position
Ctrl + Num Minus / just Num MinusZoom Out from current cursor position
Alpha keysif “time marker” mode is enabled - adds a time marker at the current cursor position
Delete and Backspaceif current event has selected Keys instructions within Key effect lines, then it will delete these Keys, Otherwise - delete selected Event(s)
Enteradd Time Marker (current color) at current cursor position
Ctrl + Bset Beginning of User Time at current cursor position
Ctrl + Eset Ending of User Time at current cursor position
Ctrl + Uset Zoom to User Time at current cursor position
Left / Rightmove cursor to the left / right.
HomeSet Time cursor to 0
Shift Leftshow view area to the right at current cursor position (25 pixels)
Shift Rightshow view area to the left at current cursor position (25 pixels)
Up / Downchange current track line
Endset cursor to last time position
Ctrl + CCopy selected events
Ctrl + VPaste events (within clipboard)
Ctrl + XCut selected events
Ctrl + ZUndo “recent” actions
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