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How to use MoboLaser in BEYOND

Video description: MoboLaser represents a leap forward in mobile application design for iOS and Android platforms. This app revolutionizes the way users interact with laser show software by seamlessly integrating the robust functionalities of QuickShow and BEYOND into an intuitive mobile interface.


  • 0:00 MoboLaser Overview
  • 0:38 Feature Comparisons between BEYOND and QS
  • 0:53 Getting Connected
  • 1:24 Main Screen (Grid)
  • 1:53 Quick Text
  • 2:07 Logs, Lock Screen
  • 2:19 Sensors
  • 2:37 Geometric Correction (Zones)
  • 3:08 FB4 Controllers, Timecode
  • 3:24 Pangolin Products, Wiki
  • 3:37 Information
  • 3:47 Outro

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