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How to use the Timeline Marker Import, Track Search, and Big Timecode Window

Video description: The Particle image editor feature allows you to introduce a particle stream to BEYOND. This function can be very handy if you want to show, for example, a water fountain that sprays in various directions, create organic feeling firework sparks, or have a moving stary sky.


  • 0:00 Particle Image Intro
  • 0:33 Particle Image Editor Overview
  • 0:58 Particle Settings
  • 1:24 Center of Particles “Origin”
  • 1:46 Particle Lifetime
  • 2:11 Particle Direction
  • 2:31 Particle Speed
  • 3:01 Particle Color
  • 3:15 Bounce Boundries
  • 3:25 Particle Spinning (Wind)
  • 3:41 Final Effect
  • 3:53 Outro

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