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How to use the Q-Shift QuickTab Tool in BEYOND

Video description: Q-Shift is a way to utilize “offset effects” quickly and easily for your live shows. It resides within the “Quick tabs” area of BEYOND. Unlike offset effects within cues or effects, Q-shift utilizes the “Live Control” parameters from the “Live Control” tab in the right tabs area. Because of this, these offset effects have much lower CPU requirements are run much faster than other cue-based, or effect-based offset effects.


  • 0:00 Q-Shift Intro
  • 0:43 Q-Shift Effect A-B Live Controls
  • 1:23 Q-shift Performance and Multi-Delays
  • 1:45 Pad Properties
  • 1:57 Pad Properties - General
  • 2:28 Pad Properties - Shifts and Wave
  • 4:32 Pad Properties - Destination
  • 4:56 Creating Symmetrical Delays
  • 5:34 Utilizing the Pads Live
  • 6:10 Outro

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