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WebCam interface

Access to the WebCam Interface is possible by the small button with the “webcam” icon on the status bar or in the main menu View → Web Camera in grid mode.

The WebCam Interface window has four buttons.

The Device button calls a menu that has 2 options:

Open WebCam interface - shows a list of detected web cameras and resolutions. We recommend to use middle-range resolutions. Too high as resolution can increase CPU and memory loads.

Close WebCam interface - closes an already opened device.

Trace - enables or disables real time tracing.

Tracer - calls a Tracer window where you can adjust the Tracer settings. Note, the tracer can use one of two video sources - Kinect or WebCam. That is why the WebCam and Tracer have separate windows.

It is possible to capture a picture and use it as background for the Cue. This would be handy for DMX or Beam cues. For making a web cam screen capture - hold CTRL key and drag & drop the webcam window client area to a cue.

To quickly move of the window, drag the main client area. This functionality is also implemented in the Video and EmuLaser windows.

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