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Write out Effect Editor

A Write Out Object is based on two main elements. The first is the Image that creates the Write Out Path. The second is the Path itself. The Path is just a Static Frame.

The Image section has 3 standard buttons that allows you to choose an Image - Open, Copy, and Paste. The Path section has the same buttons plus button R. Button R reverses the Point Order of the Path.


  • Move Only - moves the Image by the Path and does not display the Path.
  • Write Out - moves the Image, and displays the Path.
  • Write Out + Fade - moves the Image, writes out the Path, and fades out the Path (this mode is shown on screenshot)
  • Don't hide - moves the Image, always shows a Path.
  • Duration - the duration of the Image Motion from the beginning to the ending of the Path.
  • Visible Tail - the number of Points in the Path that are completely visible.
  • Faded Tail - number of Points in the Path that Fade Out to zero.
  • Trim Unused Path Points - removes invisible Points in the Path (tail).
  • Smooth Motion - uses interpolation between the Points for the Image Motion. Otherwise, the Image will jump from Point to Point.
  • Don’t Move - the Image stays static, but all the actions related to the path work. Currently BEYOND has various ways of getting the same result.


  • Z Rotation - allows the rotation of the Image, depending on Path Direction.
  • Color Action - allows re-coloring of the Image according to the Path color, or changes the Brightness of the Image depending on the Path.
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