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The Statistics tab is where you can see all the Projection Zones you have, and how many uses each Zone has within your content Workspace (i.e. how many cues or timeline events are routed to each zone). If some Projection Zones are not used, than it is safe to delete those.


LD2000 and QS provide a fixed number of projection zones. Frames and shows address zones by their ordinary number (index). BEYOND uses bit of a different logic though. Instead of using numbers, it uses a zones name. The frames (instead of 1,2 or 30 will use “Main Graphics” or “Hot beams”).

Using identification by name opens up a few additional possibilities. First, the name of a zone can provide a hint, as to what this zone should be used for. Second, you can keep zones in any order you wish within the list, and the order is not important… “Main Graphics” will stay “Main Graphics” independently on position and within the Projection Zone’s list - And because of this, it provides some additional safety features as well.

When BEYOND reads files made in LD2000 or QS, we need to transform the number of the zone to it’s name. The Import tab defines exactly how this will be done. BEYOND will attempt to make a guess about system that made a file for import, and there is a table for LD2000, QS, and a third case – whereby we cannot say for sure the origin of the file.

We hope that default settings were made in such a way, so that you will not need to adjust those. But you do need to adjust the process of the “index to name” transition, so that the Import tab is in the right place.

NOTE: Pay attention to the <?> sign. It appears next to each zone name, that does not exist in the Projection Zone list.

Within BEYOND, this is one of the possible situations when a zone’s name is “unknown”. The first solution is to make a zone with such a name. The second solution is to add a zone name as a secondary name to an existing zone.

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