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FB4 Content Pack

FB4 Content Packs are desigened for use with direct FB4 console control over artnet or DMX. This provides content for lighting designers and oporators to create shows using a wide range of custom content on their console directly.

Pangolin at the introduction to this feature has provided 1 large pack of 1500 cues for FREE with this release. However the system of how this works and how to use and create content packs are available for all users, so we expect programmers and laser designers to create their own content packs for sale, or create a content pack for a tour application, and use the same sytem for file structure, distribution, and upload to FB4's for a streamlined process.

If you have questions about creation of content packs please contact us at support or check out our video tutorial on “How to control FB4 lasers from a console” on Links to educational Videos and other Documentation can be found at:

Download Content Pack

Content packs can be provided by the following:

  • Pangolin Laser Systems Laser Designers
  • Laser Programmers
  • Downloading Pangolin Laser System Content Packs

Click on the download button for what content pack you would like (or all of them) Note the smallest packs can be under 20MB but the biggest packs provided by pangolin can be up to 1GB, keep this in mind for download times when you are on a job site.

Downloading of custom content packs created by laser designers or other programmers, will be based on the designer. However the final file should be a Zip file, and the rest of the manual will be the same process.

Where to put your files

If you have installed BEYOND fresh from build 1250 and newer, you should have a folder Inside of your BEYOND folder named “Content Packs”

Windows Folder overview BEYOND

If you do not have this folder, create a new folder here by: Right click> New> Folder name this folder “Content Packs” and place your Content pack Zip files into this folder

Content packs in folder

Putting Content On FB4's

Now that we have placed our content pack zip files into the “Content Packs” folder inside of our BEYOND Folder, we can export them to your FB4's. Start by making sure your FB4's are connected to your computer and in BEYOND/QS Mode. Then go to File > FB4 Export…

BEYOND FB4 Export Menu option

Then click on “Upload Content Pack” and press ok.

BEYOND Export Wizard

This will then open “Upload Content Pack” window:

Here it will display the content packs you put in your “Content Packs” folder in our previous step. Select which content pack you would upload and press ok.

Content Pack Selection

In this window you can select which connected FB4's you want to upload to. Once you have made your selections, press “ok” to start uploads.

Hardware selection form

Once you press ok, it will open the FB4 Browser window to show you your progress of your uploads.

Hardware Browser

Upload times can vary a lot, please keep this in mind if you are trying to do this on a show site. If you don’t have a lot of time and want to get going quickly, We recommend using the smallest sized file from any pack, for example “FB4 Beam Content Pack 1.0 Ultra Simples” just takes 30 seconds to upload to 10 projectors, while “FB4 Beam Content Pack 1.0” the full pack, could take up to an hour for 10 projectors. In pangolin created content packs, the cue indexes will be the same from “ultra simples” to the full pack, so you can start with the “ultra simples”, and upload the full pack later without any of your programming change.




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