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The Pangolin FB4 Beam Content pack Is a pack of 1500 brand new cues for use on the FB4 via console control. A few things to note from the creation process of this content pack.

This content pack is designed to give simple sets of gobos for use like a standard lighting fixture.

This content pack is designed to give a bunch of custon created cues in BEYOND to give a bunch of content that couldn’t be created with simple gobos. These all have loops at different intervals and should play back and loop evenly.

Every cue in this content pack was made to be 500 points, Exceptions were made in more complex cues, or cues that played back better at lower point counts. This should provide 60FPS on over 98% of the cues in this content pack at 30kPPS.

Every cue in this content pack was tested on multiple types of scanners at max angle with overscanning, In order to provide the least number of tails, hot points, and smoothly completing circles.

Each cue Is a beat based cue, and was exported at 100BPM, default dmx value in the dmx profiles is 100 for speed, this means that you can type in the BPM or set the DMX value to the exact BPM you want and the cue will play back at that BPM

This Packet is Intended to be printed off and provided to on site designers so its easier to navigate the content, and understand the organizaional concepts. Due to the nature of the pictures includeed below, it is best to read on a screen, but a paper copy will never hur tand make It easy to have on hand, dpending on the printer, point cues will be hard to decern.

Ultra Simples

Our simplest and smallest file sized version of this content pack. It takes only moments to upload to projectors and gives 80 gobos. Use this if you are on site and do not have much time available.

Each page has these shapes:

Page 1 Simples

Each page changes that shapes texture

Page 2 Simples Textured

Page 3 Simples Lined Points

Page 4 Simples Points


Our medium Sized pack. Takes the simples from before and adds a bunch of color variations on the gobos. These colors are separated by 20, so 21-40 is Red, 41-60 is orange, etc. This makes the whole pack 960 cues.

Red: +20
Orange: +40
Yellow: +60
Teal: +80

At this point there will no longer be numbers in the top left of the picture, but the pattern will remain

Cyan: +100
Light Blue: +120
Dark Blue: +140
Purple: +160
Magenta: +180
Pink: +200
Negative Space White: +220

Full Pack

The full pack includes all the simple shapes above as well as 540 other cues. These are organized by their color, and complexity within each page. Full pictures of entire cue sets are at the back of this packet.

This whole set is split up into the following pages:

Page 5 - Sheets

Page 6 - Waves

Page 7 - Cones

Page 8 - Spokes

Page 9 - Points

Page 10 - Mixed

Full Cue Index Ultra Simples

Page 1 - Smooth Simples

Page 2 - Texture Simples

Page 3 - Lined Point Simples

Page 4 - Point Simples

Full Cue Index Simples

Reminder: The values after the first image will disappear, this still follows the pattern described earlier.

Page 1 - Smooth Simples Colors

Page 2 - Textured Simples Colored

Page 3 - Lined Points Simples Colored

Page 4 - Points Simples Color

Full Cue Index Full Pack

These Indexes are correct Use the index and the page noted to select the cue

Page 5 - Sheets

Page 6 - Waves

Page 7 - Cones

Page 8 - Spokes

Page 9 - Points

Page 10 - Mixed


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