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Bypass QuickShow PC specifications warning

If you receive a PC specs warning when starting the software, it means that your PC does not meet the minimal system requirements required to run the version of QuickShow that you are using.

This also means that we cannot guarantee stable output on your laser equipment. We highly advice to use hardware that meet the minimum system requirements.

Bypass the specifications warning

You can disable this warning by adding a piece of text to the QS.ini file.

  1. Locate the QS.INI text file that you will find inside the main directory of your QuickShow installation. (Most often, this file is located in the directory C:\QuickShow\ ).
  2. Right click on QS.ini and open up the file with notepad.
  3. Copy the text from the block below and paste this at the bottom of the QS.INI file.

Once the text is added, QuickShow will not check your PC specifications and will open.

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