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Effect Editor

The Effect Editor in QuickShow is continuously available and is found on the right side of the QuickShow window. The Effect Editor window shown below, along with an explanation of the main features.

Adding an effect and adjusting parameters

Quickly accessing often-used values

Actions can be based on the beat of the music, or based on time

Types of Effects

QuickShow offers three different types of effects:

  1. Ordered List ItemOscillating Effects (typically used to perform functions to the beat of the music, such as zooming, fading, rotating, etc. )
  2. Key Effects (these are time-based effects which actually each of their own timeline, so they can do more complex actions)
  3. Color Effects

Oscillating Effects

The list of Oscillating Effects can be seen below.

Key Effects

The list of Key-Effects can be seen below

Color Effects

Although QuickShow only has one Color Effect menu, the single Color Effect has many options which make it very versatile.

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