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Laser Preview Window

The Laser Preview Window in QuickShow is always active, and is found in the upper right corner of the Main Control Window.

In addition to simply showing the current laser output, the Laser Preview Window also provides additional controls, as shown and explained in the picture below.

Capturing the laser preview into a cue

You can also capture the currently playing laser, DMX, and beam sequencing cues into another single cue by clicking the right mouse button in the preview window, and selecting the Capture to clipboard menu. After that, you can select an empty cue within the workspace and select Edit/Paste from the main menu.

Or as a short-cut, you can simply click the left mouse button in the preview window and drag the preview window contents directly into a cue.

Using the preview window to select alternative lasers and zones

The Laser Preview window can be “split” into nine separate zones which can then be selected by clicking with the mouse or by pressing keys on the numeric keypad. This is an advanced way to control multiple lasers and zones. For more information about this, see Controlling multiple lasers.

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