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QuickTargets Beam Settings

(recommended only for users who target mirrors, mirror balls and diffraction gratings)

The QuickTargets Beam Settings window allows you to output single beams of light from your scanners. Normally this feature is used to target mirrors, mirror balls or diffraction grating effects. The main features of the QuickTargets Beam Settings window are shown and described in the picture below.

QuickTargets features will not be available until you confirm that you understand how to use them

The first time you open the QuickTargets Beam Settings window, you will see a message which explains what QuickTargets is for, and asks that you confirm that you understand the purpose of this tool and the associated risks. Neither the Beam Settings window shown above, nor the QuickTargets Beam Sequencing tab will be available until you have made that confirmation.

You must also activate each beam and adjust the relative power individually

As another safety measure, each beam position will start out deactivated. To activate a beam, click on the Activate target beam toolbar button at the top of the window.

In addition, each beam starts out at only 10% power. If you want higher power in that particular beam position, you will need to increase the Relative Power setting for that beam.

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