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Tips: Beam path optimization

The “beam path” is how the laser travels in drawing out all the lines in an image. There are two factors that control the beam path:

  • The order in which objects are drawn in Cinema 4D. Lasershow Converter 4D always processes objects in this order.
  • Within objects, the drop-down list Beam path for this object (found in the Object point spacing panel) controls how the beam travels.

Controlling the beam path within an object

There are four settings for how the beam travels when drawing an object:

  • Keep path consistent
  • Circular optimization
  • Linear optimization
  • Aggressive optimization

Pangolin has spent a long time to develop the path generation algorithms employed in Lasershow Converter 4D. Every attempt has been made to make the default1) option, Keep path consistent, work well for most objects. Therefore it is recommended that you leave this selected most of the time.

However, in some animations you may notice a strange flicker or other visually disturbing effects. This can be an indication that the path is substantially changing from frame to frame. In such a case, try the Circular optimization option. This has some additional rules to try to enforce beam path consistency. You can use this even if the object is not circular or curved.

For large meshes like mountainous terrains, you might notice that the beam path is rather random. It may jump from one side of the screen to the other while drawing different parts of this. On something like this, try the Aggressive optimization option. This will keep the beam path as short as possible. Note that when Aggressive optimization is selected, it is possible that the beam path will change from frame to frame which is undesirable. However, if this mountainous terrain is just one part of a scene with many other objects, this beam path change may be completely unnoticed.

See Also

There is no special “Reset” function in Lasershow Converter 4D for returning to default values. Once you changed the settings you can return to the previous values simply by using Cinema 4D's Undo function.

If you make changes in the Object Tag and you find the results unsatisfactory, simply delete the Object Tag from the object manager list and apply a new Object Tag. The tag can be removed by clicking on the tag icon and press the <Del> key.

In addition, the Render Settings can simply be reset by selecting the Lasershow Converter 4D in the Post Effects dialog of the Render Settings menu and choose Remove Selected. Reselecting Lasershow Converter 4D enables a new post render effect with default values.
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