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Contour axis

With the Object line types panel, you can assign which axis you want the contours to run over. You can choose the object’s X, Y or Z axis, or the view (camera's) X, Y or Z axis. The default1) is the object’s Y-axis.

Object X, Y, Z

Original rendered sphere
Object X
Object Z Object Y

View X, Y, Z

The view X, Y and Z options keep the contour lines consistent, no matter what the camera does.

For example, if you have assigned contour lines to the object’s Z axis, and the camera pans around the object, the contour lines will change their orientation. Thus, assigning contour lines to the object’s X, Y or Z axis is equivalent to painting lines on the object itself. If the camera moves around, those lines will always be on the same place on the object.:

Object Y (same as above, but camera moved)

In contrast, if you make the contour lines relative to the view, these lines will always be consistent with respect to the camera.

How axes are specified

The axis definition for the camera and for the objects are actually different.

For the object, the Z axis runs up and down and the Y axis runs in and out of the screen. For the camera, the Z axis runs in and out of the screen and the Y axis runs up and down.

Go Back

There is no special “Reset” function in Lasershow Converter 4D for returning to default values. Once you changed the settings you can return to the previous values simply by using Cinema 4D's Undo function.

If you make changes in the Object Tag and you find the results unsatisfactory, simply delete the Object Tag from the object manager list and apply a new Object Tag. The tag can be removed by clicking on the tag icon and press the <Del> key.

In addition, the Render Settings can simply be reset by selecting the Lasershow Converter 4D in the Post Effects dialog of the Render Settings menu and choose Remove Selected. Reselecting Lasershow Converter 4D enables a new post render effect with default values.
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