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Render Settings: Laser Output

This section allows you to control basic aspects of the laser frames generated by Lasershow Converter FLASH.


Allows you to enter text that will be assigned to each frame rendered by Lasershow Converter FLASH. This framenote can be used in LD2000 and Showtime to search for frames.

When frames are created, the FLASH frame number will be appended to this text. In the example above, the framenote for the first frame would be “ROAD 1”, the framenote for the second frame would be “ROAD 2”, etc. Note that the frame number used in the framenote is NOT the LD2000 frame number, but the FLASH frame number.

Starting LD Frame

Allows you to control the starting LD2000 frame number that will be used when Lasershow Converter FLASH renders frames. If this is set to 1001, then FLASH frame 1 will be rendered into LD2000 frame 1001, FLASH frame 2 will be rendered into frame 1002, etc.

Minimum Points

This sets the minimum number of laser points rendered in each frame. This could be handy for keeping the frame rate consistent. For example, if Minimum points was set to 1000 points, you would always get a maximum of 30 frames per second if the sample rate (point output speed) was set to 30,000 points per second.

Here is another example: Say you have an animation of scrolling text. When only a few letters are on the screen, only a few points would be generated as needed to represent those letters. As more letters scroll onto the screen, more points would be required. If you play back an animation where the number of points is changing, this would result in the brightness and scrolling speed changing while the animation was playing. You can indicate that you always want to generate some minimum number of points, thus controlling the brightness and speed of the animation.

If the rendering results in fewer than the Minimum points being generated, the remaining points are put in a blanked line that leads from the last point back to the first point in the frame.

Convert black objects to (color)

Allows you to select the color that will be used for Black objects. If you click on the colored block, you will be able to specify a different color.

Combine all objects

This is used rarely. If the FLASH file has more than 1000 objects, Lasershow Converter FLASH may not be able to properly convert it to laser output. In this case, you can select this check box. This may also be used if you are trying to render an SWF file that was not created in Adobe Flash, but instead was created by a third party program.

Ultrasmooth Refresh-based rendering

This allows for the smoothest laser playback, regardless of the frames per second in the original Flash file. For more information, please see the Ultra-smooth rendering help topic.

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