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Installing Lasershow Converter MAX Utility Plugin

Once the installer has installed the files, Lasershow Converter MAX needs to be integrated into 3ds Max. This process is described below:

  1. Start 3ds Max
  2. Click on the Utilities tab. This has an icon of a wrench.
  3. Click on the Configure Button Sets button

    You will get a new dialog window called “Configure Button Sets”:
  4. Click the up arrow next to the Total Buttons box. This will add a button to the utilities tab in MAX.
  5. Scroll the scroll bar down to the bottom to show the new (empty) button.
  6. Drag and drop the Lasershow Converter MAX item onto the button.
  7. Click OK.

This will install Lasershow Converter MAX as one of the utilities available in 3ds Max. The Lasershow Converter MAX utility plug-in allows you to control various laser rendering settings, and also allows you to view and save animations.

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