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Renderer: Overview

You will find several control groups on the main Lasershow Converter MAX rendering screen. These control groupings are:

  • Line Types: Allows you to control how the objects are interpreted and output as laser lines.
  • Line Color: Allows you to control how the color of the objects are used to control the color of the laser lines.
  • Filter settings: Allows you to smooth out the beam path derived from a coarse object.
  • Laser Output: Allows you to control the frame note that will be used for each frame, the minimum number of points in each frame, and whether or not you will see laser output projected while the scene is being rendered.
  • Ultra-smooth refresh-based rendering: Allows you to render the smoothest animations possible for laser display.
  • Include Z-axis data in laser frame: Allows you to control how Z-axis data is included in the laser frame output.

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