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Custom DMX Profiles

Custom DMX Profiles is a new functionary for BEYOND DMX Server Mode that allows users to create custom arrangements of DMX channels in custom profiles. It also allows you to bake effects into the profiles, allowing users to use the BEYOND effects engine within a DMX Profile. This allows users to determine how detailed or complex of a DMX profile they want or need from their lasers, giving the power to decide into the users' hands.

The Custom DMX Profiles are a collection of many functionalities of BEYOND, and uses some of the following features to create the Custom funcationality in this Window.

Custom DMX Profile Editor

To use Custom DMX Profiles, first go to Projection zones, Advanced tab, and go to DMX server, you will see the option for “Custom Profile”. This will select custom profiles, to the right you will be able to select which custom profile you would like to use, or click edit profiles to edit your Custom DMX Profiles.

Custom DMX Profile List

The Custom DMX Profile editor is a window with its own file, this allows you to store all your custom profiles inside a single file to be selected from, or transferred to other systems. To facilitate this you can create new lists, open lists and save lists, and add, remove, or rename profiles in your list. Using the dropdown you can select which custom profile you are editing, in your list.

You can also add comments and text to your list if you would like to leave instructions for use or notes about the profile using the “comment” tab at the bottom left of the window, this is saved in your list file.

Custom Profile Parameters

The Main portion of this window comprises of the “Profile Parameters” and “Available parameters” Lists. On the left you have all the parameters currently in your profile. The first number being the number of the parameters, and the offset being the DMX value, where it is the starting value for that Parmeter, plus the first DMX channel. The number of DMX channels per parameter is predetermined by the BEYOND parameter being added.

There are a number of parameters you can add. The first main block is going to be the parameters that are included inside the default DMX Server profiles. From there you have access to the Quick FX grid with FX number, Action and speed. “Color Channels”, and “BEYOND Channels” These can then be added to your profile to allow for BEYOND control, or FX Control in either all areas of BEYOND, or effects baked into your profile.

Permanent Effects

The final portion of this window is where you can put “Permanent Effect for use with Parameters”. This is where you can add effects to your profiles to be bound with your Color Channel and BEYOND Channel values. This lets you add effects like “Cloning” effects to simulate “Prism effects” in moving heads, or “Window Clip” Effects to simulate Framing shutters for example.

Using the BEYOND Effect engine, this allows users to create as complex or as simple of a profile as they desire, or even emulate other DMX Based laser controllers inside BEYOND.

This area may also be used to directly add single “DMX to” tools to directly link a DMX channel in your profile to other functions of BEYOND.

Recommendations for Use

Custom DMX Profiles is an amalgamation of lots of functionality of beyond that already technically existed but builds those tools into a UI window that is very user friendly.

Understanding the tools linked in the first section of this document will allow full use of this tool. Those with wide knowledge of those subjects as well as DMX lighting fixture functionality will be able to build very detailed and functional custom DMX profiles.

Creating a very good Custom DMX profile could possibly be a “secret sauce” that a individual or company could create and provide to their client that any off the shelf product or default user could offer.

Emulating effects and functions of DMX fixtures should be possible on at least one effect inside of BEYOND. If there is a function of DMX light fixture that cannot be emulated, reach out to support to see if a new effect should be added.

Obviously, this is only one part, and you will have to create this profile in whatever lighting console system you decide to use. However, those with knowledge this deep of these systems should have no trouble doing so and should consult the documentation of your lighting console on how to create this profile in your console.

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