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The QuickCapture tool allows you to capture anything that is currently playing in the preview window, into a single cue, which can then be dragged and dropped into the workspace for use later. Simply click on the QuickCapture tab at the bottom of the screen and you will see the QuickCapture tool.

For example, if you are in Multi-cue mode, and you have three cues playing, you can capture that into a single cue, so that next time you want to trigger the same three cues, you can do it by merely clicking on a single cue.

The main features of the QuickCapture tool are shown and described in the picture below.

Displaying the capture momentarily

To send the output of the QuickCapture tool to the laser, simply click on the Show it now button.

Saving the QuickCapture to a cue

You can save the QuickCapture to a cue for permanent storage or for use later. Simply drag and drop the preview window (or the QuickCapture tab itself) to a cue.

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