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Pointing to a cue location

By default, when you drag a cue from the workspace onto the timeline within the QuickTimeline tab, or when you drag a cue from the workspace onto the QuickCapture tab, QuickShow will create a “pointer to that cue”, instead of using the data within the cue itself. Basically this means that the QuickTimeline or QuickCapture will capture the cue location within the grid and not really the image or picture within the cue itself. The timeline or capture will show a little “pointer” icon to help indicate that you have captured a “pointer to the cue”.

The little “pointer” icon indicates that this QuickCapture will simply click on cue location 1 within the “Animals” page. So if you edit that cue later, and completely change the content, then the show or capture will still trigger cue number 1 – which may no longer look like the Emu animal.

Forcing the QuickTimeline or QuickCapture to always use the cue data and not the cue location

If you always want the QuickCapture to show the Emu animal, then you can right-click on the cue and choose Convert to local cue in which case the Capture or Show will actually capture the Emu data itself. In that case you can go ahead and change the cue in location 1 of the “Animals” page, and this will not affect the QuickCapture later on.

Alternatively you can hold the CTRL key down while dragging cues into the QuickTimeline or QuickCapture tab, and that will also indicate that you want to make the cue behave like a local cue instead of a pointer.

Icon indication showing that the cue is being pointed to by another cue

Note that when a cue is “pointed to” by a Capture or Timeline-based show, there is an icon that will appear within the cue itself, as shown below.

When you see this “pointed to” icon, you can find out which other cues or QuickTools point to the cue by right-clicking on the cue and choosing Cue Properties.

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